Squash Lessons - Individual training programs for junior players


Squash 365 embodies the Good Nick Squash (GNK) core philosophy of program design for  the individual. We work within the framework for each students daily, weekly, and monthly routine maximizing their squash training for a given time of year. 


Squash 365 participants can count on GNK to design, implement, and manage a program that matches a player’s goals with their needs. Juniors from a beginner level to the highly ranked can benefit from a goal based system that draws guidance from GNK,  the student’s parents, other specialists, family and friends.


Our Squash 365 program designs include: squash/life analysis; goal setting; semi private lessons, group lessons on both technique and relative point structure; fitness training; diet consultation; video analysis; match pooling, analysis and coaching; tournament training and scheduling; equipment support; college process education and support; life coaching and mentor ship; and more.

Junior Clinics

GNK will be running squash clinics at The Lawrenceville School throughout the entire 2018/19 squash season through Central New Jersey Squash (CNJS).  Spots available for winter session, pro rated based on sign up date.   

2019/2020 SESSIONS 

Fall          September 3 - November 21, 2019  CLINIC FORM

Winter    December 2, 2019 - March 3, 2020 CLINIC FORM

Spring    March 23, 2020 -  May 28, 2020 CLINIC FORM


Upcoming Spring Times


Our coaches are knowledgeable and experienced, ensuring that your child will be able to pick up (and eventually master) the skills involved in squash training. And don’t worry about the game being too difficult -- our four specially designed junior squash training clinics are suited to match a variety of ages and ability levels.     

Lawrenceville/Elite Invitational—Our final clinic is an intense training program that involves dynamic warm-ups and off-court strength training. Ages 14-18. Players younger than high school age will be invited by the Good Nick Squash staff.

Junior Tournament Elite—If your child has been playing in regular national U.S. squash tournaments, this clinic is the ideal choice for junior squash tournament training. As a more intensive program that goes far beyond the basics, your child will gain experience on a competitive level. Ages 9-15.

8-14 yr old clinic—For beginner and intermediate players, this clinic is designed to push them a little bit harder. It focuses on the technicalities of the game, such as serve, return, and more advanced match play.

5-8 yr old clinic—This clinic is designed to introduce kids to the game in a way that is fun and exciting. By focusing on hand-eye coordination, technique, court awareness, and match fundamentals, your child will be prepared to move forward in their squash training with ease.

Email goodnicksquash@gmail.com to find out the appropriate session.

All juniors must be current US Squash/CNJS Members.  CNJS Waiver must be on file to participate in the clinic  - WAIVER

Clinic Costs - 

45 min clinic $28 + $10 court fee

1hr clinic $35 + $10 court fee

1.5hr clinic $52.50 + $15 court fee

2hr clinic $70 + $20 court fee

If you want your child to be involved in a sport that is both physically and mentally demanding and incredibly fun, you’ll want to get them started in one of our junior squash training clinics immediately. 

US Squash Junior Tournament Coaching 

The GNK Staff will be traveling to JCT, Gold, Silver and Bronze National US Squash junior tournaments throughout the season.  The Silver & Bronze national schedule is being finalized.  When this is finalized we will add the tournaments  Confirmed coaching offered at:



09/13-09/15     Cincinnati

10/04-10/06     Philadelphia 

01/18-01/20     Connecticut

02/15-02/17     Maryland


09/06-09/08     Episcopal, PA

09/20-09/22     Baird E Haney - NYC

10/11-10/13     Meadow Mill - MD

11/01-11/03     Greenwich - CT

01/03-01/05     Germantown - PA

03/06-03/05     PSC - PA


10/04-10/06     Midtown - NYC

10/18-10/20     Shipley - PA

10/25-10/27     Aussie Nick - DC

11/15-11/17     Dreadsports - Baltimore

12/07-12/09     Pierce - PA

12/27-12/29     Berwyn - PA

01/10-01/12     Greenwich - CT

01/18-01/20     Florham - NJ

02/15-02/17     EA - PA

02/28-03/01     Squash on Fire - DC



Gold Nationals   

03/20-03/22      Charlottesville - VA

Silver Nationals

03/27-03/29      Philadelphia - PA

Bronze Nationals

04/24-04/26      Providence - RI

Cost for coaching is $500 for the weekend plus coaches expenses divided by families.  Fees for coaching factors in coaches time away as well as time prior and post players matches.  



Racquet sports are particularly popular in America. Though most people are more familiar with tennis and racquetball, squash is deserving of attention in its own right; the game is uniquely challenging due to the fact that more effort, speed, and concentration are required to play it, regardless of your age. 

Good Nick Squash is dedicated to teaching the skills necessary to succeed in such a demanding sport to people of all ages, but our junior squash training is second-to-none; with squash lessons designed to suit a variety of age groups, our junior clinics will teach your children how to play -- and how to win -- over three months of sessions.


Fall: September 3 - November 21, 2019
Winter: December 2, 2019 - March 3, 2020 
Spring: March 23, 2020 -  June 5, 2020

Costs -  $70 - 1 hour semi private + $20 court fee (per person)

              $55 - 45 min semi private  + $15 court fee (per person)

              $45 - 3 person 1 hour + $13.33 court fee (per person) 

Payment Policy - Players that sign up for Fall, Winter or Spring packages must pay partial payment prior to the session and one payment 6 weeks later.  Your lesson time slot will be locked, please note we have a 24hr cancellation policy.

All other lesson payments must be paid on the day with a check to CNJS. 

Discover The Benefits Of Squash With Good Nick Central New Jersey Squash Training

When it comes to squash fitness, our lessons can’t be beat, teaching skills as well as the optimal squash diet for all-around health and wellness. Good Nick Squash Co-Directors Rob and Narelle Krizek have over 45 years of combined experience between them; Rob has spent the last 25 years teaching tennis and squash lessons all across the country, and Narelle spent her life in the professional bracket before earning the number 23 spot in the world.

hey are both extremely dedicated to the sport and the training of its future stars. We guarantee that our squash lessons will improve technique, movement, and strategy while also fostering a love and a passion for the game. Reach out to us about US Squash Junior Tournament Coaching today!



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