US Squash, Consider Your Resources When It Comes To Improving Your Game

Squash is a sport often played either as singles – in which one player plays against another – or doubles – in which two players partner up to play against another partnered pair. There are two ways a squash game may be played, as singles – in which one player plays against another – or doubles – in which two players partner up to play against another partnered pair.

The ball must be hit off a wall until a player fails to return it. A point then goes to the opposing player. Within a set, points are earned by players which then decide who wins the match.

US Squash Junior Tournaments

When it comes to US squash junior tournaments, brackets and age divisions are organized a certain way. First, brackets are divided by gender. Then, within the boys and girls brackets, players are divided by age – under (the age of) 11, under 13, under 15, under 17, and lastly under 19.

Then, tournaments may fall into one of the following categories, Bronze, Silver, Gold, or Junior Championship. When it comes to entering, the categories Silver and up require membership within the official national governing body of the squash sport, US Squash. Nonmembers are able to enter Bronze, however, with higher ranking tournaments require ranking within the system, which is established from placing from previous US Junior Squash tournaments.

Typically, the best, or highest ranking players are admitted, when it comes to higher ranking tournaments, so gaining experience and placing is important.

What Resources Are Available In Order To Improve?

Outside of US squash junior tournaments, there are a number of resources available, in order to gain experience and improve as a player.

Squash Classes

Attending squash lessons may be of first and foremost importance when it comes to improving. For players who have little to no experience with the sport may develop a foundation here. Squash classes provide knowledge of basic rules and movements, which are paramount when considering competing in the future.

Even non-beginners have something to gain from a squash lesson. Working with an instructor will provide opportunities to practice with a more experienced player. Movements, strength, speed, and endurance will improve when working with a player able to return the ball and challenge you. An instructor will certainly have tips and advice when it comes to general play and to competition.

Squash Courts

Practicing solo in a squash court is also viable. A player may want to find time outside squash class schedules to practice, and hitting the back wall with the ball solo may provide just as much benefit as working with a partner.

Improvement can be made in general fitness, in strength, speed, and endurance, due to the demands of the sport. Additionally, since when the ball is hit, it is returned off a back wall, it’s much easier to practice without a partner – as opposed to other racket sports, such as badminton or tennis.

Squash Clubs

Even so, there is only so much improvement that can be made with an instructor or in solo practice. Joining a squash club may provide a community conducive to your squash game. A community means that a multitude and variety of players will become available to you, and as a squash player, you will gain the opportunity to practice with many more people at different skill levels, at different fitness levels, with different play styles.

Regardless, when it comes to practicing and playing the sport – possibly considering competing in US squash junior tournaments – it is important to utilize a variety of resources available. Benefits from lessons and an instructor will be different from benefits reaped by solo practice, and joining a community of other players will certainly provide experience in the squash sport that cannot be gained otherwise.

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